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Server Rules and Conduct1.1 Behavior

A. General behaviorof all persons should at all times be in-line with all [UGT] codes andregulations, if otherwise then admin action should be taken to correctthe instance.

B. Respect all persons in AND out of the server. At no time should there be any character bashing of anyone or of any kind.

C. Avoid complaining about or ridiculing other people’s style of gameplay.

D.Be gracious in your victories and losses. Nobody really cares how goodyou are, nor does anybody enjoy hearing you complain every time you die(i.e., “wtf”, “lucky shot”, “my team sucks”). However, good-naturedtaunting between friends is encouraged. We are here to have fun.

E.No profane, racial, derogatory or inappropriate language should beused. This includes anything that could be taken incorrectly or out ofcontext and insinuations of language that would otherwise beinappropriate.

F. Absolutely no use of Exploits, Hacks, cheatingat any time. This includes anything that gives any person an advantageover another by any other means than by true skill. No Stat paddingwill be tolerated. This includes any team work or exploit to pad yourscore or gain higher rank. Understand that you are the only one thatshould be playing under your registered account. Allowing others toplay for you is considered stat padding and is considered the same ashaving a program bot play for you to gain rank and global scores. Youwill be reviewed and possibly suspended/released from the clan forthis. Our servers are monitored at all times and screenshots will betaking of violators. This evidence will be sent the EA and ROE alongwith your CD Hash and IP address.

G. Team killing and teamwounding are strictly prohibited at any time. This includes purposefulkilling or wounding of teammates, and does not include accidentalinstances unless it violates another article or paragraph. If you arein an orbital strike area, you will have a verbal and visual warningfrom your commander. Get out of that area while they are doing theirjob. Do NOT punish for a team kill that your own fault.

H. Theuse of political, drug, racial, religious, and foul language as namesis strictly prohibited and should be considered inappropriate.

I.There should be no arguing or smack talking of any kind in the servers.However, good-natured taunting between friends is encouraged. We arehere to have fun.

J. There should also be no arguing with adminsor with others about the rules that are herby stated. If there is adispute regarding a rule or act of enforcement it should be brought upto [UGT] Nzsoldier member by use of PM in the forums.

K. Thereshould be no accusing anyone of Cheating/Hacking, if you have alegitimate concern take it to an admin. Otherwise record a demo forreview by the Clan at a later date. Accusing someone ofCheating/Hacking while in a public server is strictly prohibited.

L. Websites and advertisements are not to be used in a name or in typed text. Recruiting for any reason is also prohibited.

1.2 Uncap/ Team Killing Rules

A.Do not spawn camp any spawn point on the server, you will be kickedfrom the server. You can not stay at one spawn point and continue tokill players spawning there.Commanders are NOT allowed to used anyOrbital Strikes or EMP on uncap bases, you will be kick from the serveris you do.

B. Team killing and team wounding are strictlyprohibited at any time. This includes purposeful killing or wounding ofteammates, and does not include accidental instances unless it violatesanother article or paragraph. If the player says he is sorry and the TKis accidental DO NOT PUNISH.1.3

Expectations For Members

A.All members should wear their Proper Clan Tag while on any [UGT] andallied servers. The allied servers will be listed on our main page.

B.If you are wearing the [UGT] tag in another server then all [UGT]standards and expectations apply whether the servers rules state it ornot. Otherwise, if you are not wearing the [UGT] you are still requiredto obey the individual server’s rules. If it is found that an [UGT]member wearing tag or not is causing problems in any server there willbe action taken. You are a representative of [UGT], act like it.

C.As a member of [UGT] you are responsible to assist in enforcing the[MIA] rules while in [UGT] servers. If an admin is in the server letthem handle the problems within reason. Also, if you are playing onanother clan's server, obey their rules as you would expect them toobey ours.

1.4 Expectations For Recruits

A. All recruits should wear their proper recruit clan tag “[UGTr]”while on any [UGT] and allied server.

B.While you are wearing the [UGT] recruits tag you are responsible foryour actions in regards to the [UGT] rules of appropriate conduct. Ifit comes to the attention of [UGT] that you disobey those rules yourrecruitment may be withdrawn.

C. As a recruit of [UGT] you areresponsible to assist in enforcing the [UGT] rules while in [UGT]servers. If an admin or [UGT] member is in the server let them handlethe problems within reason.