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Xbox 360 help pls :(

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Xbox 360 help pls :( Empty Xbox 360 help pls :(

Post by AlexThePro on Mon Jun 29, 2009 1:45 pm

I got a new x360 but i cant connect to live because i didnt buy the wi-fi thing yet so i wanted to download the update(nxe) and burn it onto a dvd. The problem is that stupidgayassshitty microsoft doesnt let me download anything ( they say that my windows xp is not genuine but it is ) from microsoft.com

Can someone download this and upload it to rapishare or soomewhere pls Sad


edit: NV I GOT IT! but can someone send me instructions and tell me what to buy so i could connect myself to xbox live pls ( i dont want to buy the wireless adapter it costs 100 $!!! id like some cable better )

BTW those instruction that came with my xbox are a joke they dont tell anything

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Xbox 360 help pls :( Empty Re: Xbox 360 help pls :(

Post by HeAd HuNtEr on Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:48 pm

i just got mine about a month ago and i didnt want to get the wifi thing either so get a Ethernet cord thats longest to reach your router to your xbox 360 and get a router thats compatible with 360 cuz mine isnt and i have to disconnect my internet from my computer if i want to go on live
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