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Whats ur Xfire?

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Whats ur Xfire? Empty Whats ur Xfire?

Post by nzsoldier on Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:09 am

We fixed our voice server problem. We came up with a new solution. We will be using xfire. They have 24/7 voice servers. I'm sorry for everyone who downloaded Teamspeak. I put a lot of time in to configuring teamspeak too. But he have a better solution. Xfire brings us 24/7 voice and a chat room. Also it's compatible with any game.

My xfire: ugtsoldier
Soulsassassin's: ugtsoulassassin
Jokerz-'s: ugtjokerz

We need you to download this ASAP!!

We will make a tutorial tomorrow.

Be sure to give us your account name.


Whats ur Xfire? Ojhwma

Whats ur Xfire? Ugtsoldier
UGT admin team
UGT admin team

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